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Alka-Maize Alka-Maize is a high energy, starchy concentrate feed suitable for feeding all ruminant livestock. Key Facts Buffered to significantly reduce acidosis risk and improve rumen efficiency Increased protein and energy levels More efficient storage options Alkagrain has a buffered pH of 8.5 9.5. This assists in maintaining a healthy rumen pH in the presence of low pH feeds like silages and from fast fermenting feeds like fresh grass. It also greatly reduces the risk of acidosis which is normally a risk with grain feeding. This improves feed efficiency in the animal, increases appetite and improves long term health. It also allows higher rates of grain to be fed in the diet. Alkagrain has 4.5 6.0% increased protein over traditional grains. It is unattractive to birds and vermin. Kofa Maize KOFA Grain (pH 5) is a preservative for high moisture grain (un-dried grain) exclusive to John Austin Ltd. The preservative is injected into the milled (kibbled) grain through our Romill Grain Mill and stored in an Ag-Bag. KOFA Grain pH 5 is a liquid solution which contains Propionic Acid, Sodium Benzoate and Sodium Propionate. Once the liquid is mixed into the grain it can be stored in an Ag-Bag* and once removed from the bag it will not deteriorate for up to 2 weeks. Unlike AlkaGrain, KOFA Grain preserves the natural feed qualities of wet grain to allow maize straight from the paddock to be stored on farm without the need for expensive drying charges. *Ag-Bag Plastic has a 2 year warranty against UV breakdown Dry Whole/Kibbled Maize We can supply Dry Maize, both Kibbled and Whole, in bulk to your property. This has not been treated with any inoculants, it has simply been dried and stored. Straw Available Now We have Wheat and Barley Straw available. Wheat and Barley Straw are valuable components to a balanced diet, adding good DM content. Maize Silage Available Now We have high quality Maize Silage available. This can be purchased on a Truckload basis or also as a bigger bulk shipment. For more information on any of the above Supplementary Feeds, please call our Customer Services Team on 07 872 000.

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