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We have a number of great farming options for your future, as a land owner you have many options, Growing Maize and Grass is Great alternative, John Austin Ltd can support you with maize and Grass growing in a Variety of ways. In addition to our full contracting services we offer a range of farming solutions to support you and your land. We can ProvideA Full crop marketing service, we will sell your cropGuaranteed Payment and price for Grass, Maize and Maize GrainExperienced Agronomic SupportCompetitive supply of all inputsCrop ManagementOur Team has a wide range of experience in Agronomy, farm systems and animal Nutrition, we can be on farm in your paddock to help you make decisions every step of the way. once your crop is planted we can do crop walks and make recommendations, using our precision planting Ipad App we can scout crops and identify pest or weed issues and needed. Latest TechnologyJohn Austin Ltd also offer the latest developments in Maize growing from around the world including strip Tillage, Precision Planting and harvest data collection and Biological Farming systems that help protect the environment whilst increasing yield and reducing input costs, Stress free FarmingRelease your captial and your time, John Austin Ltd also offers a full leasing service, With guaranteed lease payments you land will be maintained to the highest standard and in many cases we have included developing the land for the land owner.Release your capital and your timeGuaranteed lease paymentsif you are interested in discussing the options and opportunities call us to day on 07 872 0000  

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John Austin Ltd has been serving the local agricultural community for over 30 years. We focus upon providing value for our clients through high quality workmanship and service.

We regularly invest in the latest technology, driving greater efficiency and accurate product delivery into your pasture and crop management.

With one depot strategically placed to service the Waikato, Matamata Piako and the King Country districts, we are available any time to meet and discuss your requirements; we also have a depot located in Ohakune to service the central plateau and Ohakune Area.

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